Global Presence Creation

T-Mark dedicates itself to helping companies and organizations go beyond their present business footprint. Our holy grail is global presence development and with over 20 years of project execution experience, we have the key tools and skills to make things happen.


T-Mark focuses on creativity that integrates marketing strategies with appealing design and well crafted functionality to meet the high expectations of today’s tech savvy markets. T-Mark designers come from many countries in the world so we can easily create market targeted internet assets.

T-Mark strives to visualize the objectives in the beginning in order to successfully achieve them in final form.


T-Mark maintains a solid compliance program using the Privacy Mark program in Japan which is based various ISO standards. This very strict compliance program data assets both on-line and off-line. For clients requiring detailed description of our security and data protection programs, feel free to let us know your needs.

Effective security requires honesty and integrity.


Multi-channel marketing coordinated between on-line and on-line media is the new standard. T-Mark has over 20 years of on-line/off-line campaign concept development and execution in many countries. All marketing activities are created an executed by a core team that includes a project manager, one tech designer and one developer so that the project is scoped correctly and executed flawlessly.

Developing new markets without committing large amounts of capital can be achieved with well conceived marketing strategies that maintain the integrity of your brand.